Blossom’s HIV/AIDS Care and Support Project provided community based care and support for HIV/AIDS infected people in Virudhunagar, Sivakasi, Sathur, Watrap, and Kariyapatti blocks. The project was funded by PWDS, Marthandam, AIDS Alliance UK and Abbott Labs US. HIV+ members of the community were given basic medical and nutritional treatment, counselling and education.

Children Support Groups

A sub-project, Children Support Groups (CSGs), was valuable for the emotional wellbeing of HIV/AIDS affected children. The groups helped the children build a stronger sense of self esteem and taught the children how to help themselves. The Children Support Groups still exist today and are now part of our Buds Network.

The members met once every three months to discuss their problems and issues regarding the health status of family members, they shared information regarding treatment improvements and follow-up measures, and opened up about their emotions and feelings, improving moral support.

Outcomes of the Care and Support Project:

More people are now aware of ways to identify symptoms of Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs) and understand the need for regular and comprehensive treatment. People clearly understand that STIs can be completely prevented when both partners are ready for, and comply with, testing and treatment. By distributing condoms to those at high risk as well as pregnant women suspected of being HIV+, lives were spared. Parents and children with HIV who were taking Antiretroviral Treatment became free of opportunistic infections and were able to live normal lives.

Intervention Activity / Programme
No. of Beneficiaries
STI Meeting with SHG’s 67
Information Education and Communication IEC Printing 3,500
Prevention Meeting with Training on Sex & Sexuality, Condom Distribution 15,000
Voluntary Counselling and Testing Pre-test counselling, HIV Test, Post-test
ART Referral for Anti Retro Viral Drugs, Number of individuals receiving information on ART 50
Home Based Care Skill training to PLHA support group leaders in Home care training, Medicine supply, Emergency relief, IGP seed money 320
Children Affected By AIDS
  • Skill development training for CAA/CIA
  • Life skill and Psycho-social support training for CAA/CIA
  • Children’s club representatives sharing and Learning meeting
  • Meeting with children support groups
  • Educational support
Nutrition Providing Nutritional Food Supplements
Nutrition demonstration cum education