Specialist Blossom counsellors offered psychological, legal, economic, medical and educational support to women and children in need, primarily those who have been victims of domestic violence and family disputes. The project also raised awareness about the role of women in society and their rights. FCC is a member of the District Advisory Committee for crime against woman and for the prevention of domestic violence. It is also a member of the District Advisory Committee for the prevention of child abuses, child trafficking and child prostitution. The FCC project was funded by the Central Welfare Board in New Delhi.

What the Family Counselling Centres Did:

  • Provided pre-marital and marital counselling
  • Conducted counselling awareness programmes for schools/college students
  • Conducted one day training on counselling skills and guidance on application for women police personnel
  • Career guidance at schools/colleges
  • Workshops on adolescent reproductive health

Twenty-eight awareness programmes were conducted to observe the World UN days in order to create awareness and effect behavioural change. For example on International Women’s Day we conducted a meeting where we created awareness about women’s rights and women’s empowerment.

Women Advisory Centre

The Women Advisory Centre (WAC) worked with the Virudhunagar Collectorate to fight injustices against women and promote their legal rights. The WAC inquiry panel consisted of a solicitor, Inspector of Police, District Social Welfare Officer, Counseller and a Blossom FCC member.


Our counsellors attended the family related cases in the Virudhunagar AWPS every Monday. A male and female counsellor joined the Police Mobile counselling team every Monday evening. Having both a male and female counsellor helped with the family disputes.

FCC Cases 2012-2013
Type of Case Number of Cases
Marital 165
Family Dispute 7
Love Affair 4
Education 20
Financial 15
OA Pension Issue 3
Unemployment 4
Neighbourhood Dispute 2
Psycological 1
Total Cases 221