EduClowns is a community theatre group with whom Blossom campaign for raising awareness on sensitive but pertinent issues.

The EduClowns are also known as “the red-nosed” due to the actors’ painted noses, which symbolise their fury upon witnessing injustice and discrimination.


Through entertainment, EduClowns seek to: provoke dialogue among the viewers and stimulate behavioural change; create awareness and facilitate discussion of issues affecting vulnerable groups such as HIV/AIDS, hygiene, nutrition, basic education and rights; and help adults and youth alike become aware of their own responsibility as members of the community.

Educlowns performing

An EduClowns performance


In the 2012 campaign, a booth was put up at Mariamman temple festival in Irukkangudi village as part of Campaign for Education, Prevention and Treatment of TB (CEPT). The booth operated for 30 days with 10 Educlowns performances.

During the month of performances and the month following there was an average 18% increase in visitors to the Government Hospitals and Primary Health Care centres in the district. One hundred twenty two youth signed up to volunteer for Blossom and 26 women in the local Self Help Groups became Directly Observed Treatment Short-Course (DOTS) monitors.