Blossom Trust’s new partner in Campaign for Education, Prevention and Treatment of TB (CEPT) II TB Alert and TB Alert India are already making a huge impact in the way the CEPT project is run. Having just rung in the New Year, and marking the beginning of our partnership, the CEPT staff are getting used to a new way of doing things that is going to help us to make an even bigger impact with our efforts to eradicate TB from Tamil Nadu.

Joe Beach SoP

There are going to be a lot of changes but a major development that stands out, is the new Standard Operating Procedures Manual for all staff, which will guide every member of the project and ensure that all of our varied activities will reach as many people in the community as possible.

Joe Beach Working on Floor

As well as the training covering all the new aspects of CEPT it was also an opportunity for us to refresh our memories of the basics of TB and our role in the fight against it; as well as taking the time to evaluate and appreciate the positive aspects of the project that have developed over the many years of CEPT’s implementation.

Joe Beach Training Group

The training session near Chennai was also a fantastic opportunity as it brought all of the CEPT II staff from Virudhunagar and Kanchipuram together to learn and gain from each other experiences and together we will take another step on Blossom’s journey towards eradicating TB.