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EduClowns Theatre Group

Educlowns community theatre group

EduClowns is a community theatre group with whom Blossom campaign for raising awareness on sensitive but pertinent issues. The EduClowns are also known as “the red-nosed” due to the actors’ painted noses, which symbolise their fury upon witnessing injustice and discrimination. Vision Through entertainment, EduClowns seek to: provoke dialogue among the viewers and stimulate behavioural change; […]

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Campaign for Education, Prevention & Treatment For TB (CEPT) Phase II

Campaign for Education, Prevention & Treatment For TB (CEPT)

After the success of CEPT I, Blossom entered Phase II, aiming to reach and cure more TB patients. CEPT II expanded to Kanchiparam District near Chennai, in addition to the original Virudhunagar District. CEPT Phase II has two key targets: 1) Educate 18,360 people through the intensive health awareness program. 2) Improve access to TB diagnosis and treatment […]

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Survive Sugar

Survive Sugar Movement

Survive Sugar is dedicated to diabetes education, awareness, screening, and prevention of diabetes while building a patient support network. Survive Sugar forum aims to reduce incidence of diabetes by identifying pre-diabetics (individuals with diabetes risk factors) and referring them to free public health services. Through educating the general public by disseminating accurate medical knowledge of […]

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Paneer Poo HIV+ Women’s Network

Paneer Poo

Paneer Poo is a support network for HIV positive women living in isolation and/or poverty. It stemmed from our Prevention of Parent to Child Transmission of HIV (PPTCT) programme. Paneer Poo is a community based organisation which addresses the prevalence of HIV/AIDS within Virudhunagar district, Tamil Nadu, India. It seeks to empower the women in the community through […]

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"Blossoming of power in every individual to reinforce community development."

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To facilitate a process where marginalised groups can become self-sufficient in improving their health, environmental, economic and social needs. We aim to achieve this by working in partnership with other development actors.

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