Founded in 1993, Blossom Trust focuses on empowering marginalized women, children’s rights and combatting HIV/AIDS and Tuberculosis. Active in the Virudhunagar and Kanchipuram districts in Tamil Nadu, Blossom’s objective is to ensure communities have greater access and control over their resources.

Blossom specializes in fostering projects that create sustainable Community Based Organisations (CBOs). We have nurtured projects, such as the Paneer HIV+ Women’s Network and Rainbow TB Forum, both of which are now independent legal entities, although still closely connected with Blossom, with  membership numbers in the hundreds.


Blossoming of power in every individual to reinforce community development.


To facilitate a process where marginalised groups can become self-sufficient in improving their health, environmental, economic and social needs. We aim to achieve this by working in partnership with other development actors.


  • To develop community frameworks that address women’s and children’s issues
  • To ensure communities have greater access and control over their resources
  • To facilitate a process, wherein community knowledge and resources are preserved and shared by fair and mutual exchange
  • To continually develop Blossom so that the organisation can give a voice to the voiceless